Acosador! I Too Feel Spied

In the last days, the Mexican society has recriminated again to the authorities to have fallen into an illegal and democratically reproachable fact: the espionage to human rights activists and journalists. The Mexican President; Enrique Peña Nieto, has given an apparently guileless answer: ¡I too feel spied!

It isn’t the first time which our governors justify themselves beneath the speech of guileless. In 2003, the President Vicente Fox, answered into a survey of Channel 40 related to your problem which had with other tv enterprise, something very peculiar: and why me?

In nevertheless the reality is that this questioning on the Federal Government is not a minor issue. Is the violation on the right of privacy.Right that was defined through the Interamerican Court of Human Rights inside cases of Massacre of Ituango vs Colombie and Tristan Donoso vs Panama. Therefore, whether it becomes factual that – together with the acquirement from the software often known as Pegasus – there began an espionage “personalized” campaign against Human Rights Advocates, anticorruption activists and journalists, the will have to accept its responsibilities, plus it would be worthless the guileless.

Of course, it is not overlook how the “apparently” guileless answer: ¡I too feel spied! Were true. It has been realized that this problem exists. But, whether or not this is already reproachable that any of us spy among us, is dramatic the State makes that thus to their citizens. The answer doesn’t justify the issue; to the contrary, it shows the situation is just unsustainable. Undoubtedly, the “Pegasus” incident only showed that this Mexican society was purchasing a volcano.

About espionage there are no longer official numbers, but you can find international observers that contain pointed their focus to this matter. For example, in Cyber Security Tendencies in Latin America and Caribbean (Cyber Safety Trend in Latin America and Caribbean) published through the OAS (Organization of American States, in Spanish OEA), has recognized that only in Mexico happen to be spent over 3,000 million dollars within the cybercrime associated with espionage. The paper makes sure that Mexico was the primary country where it had been used herpes that stole information on the credit cards (Backdoor.Plotus) and from that point it expanded around the globe. Even more: according towards the Cybercrime Observatory in Latin America reference, the Mexican society spies. The particulars spy other particulars, the institutions for the particulars and or viceversa; Mexico spies foreign countries and foreign countries also spy Mexico. Certainly, Mexico has become inside last years inside a country of spiers and spied. However, the Mexican government forgets it’s its responsibility protect the citizenship and never invoke, mainly because it did, that itself too feel spied. That doesn’t justify the condition, only probes which the government actions was inadequate to eliminate it. Facing this stage, there exists a double strategy to fix it. On one hand, in case which the “Pegasus” crime be confirmed, to not leave it impunity, conversely, it has to be given one step to enforce the culture of respect on the privacy inside the Mexican society.